Borobudur Temple Indonesia

Borobudur temple is Indonesia is the cultural heritage that has been famous throughout the world. This building is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and designated as one of world cultural heritage by UNESCO. The magnificent shapes and unique architectural details make everyone want to visit Borobudur curious with the story, Borobudur stealing the world's attention since HC Cornelius discovered its location on the orders of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1814.

The work of excavating the site of a supposedly large monument was then continued by an officer's hotman the Dutch government at that time archaeologists raced to find out the origin of the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The history of the founding of Borobudur Temple was estimated to be built in 750 BC by the kingdom of Shailendra who at that time embraced Buddhism, its development is very mysterious because humans in the 7th century have not known the high architectural calculations but Borobudur built.

Calculation of sophisticated architecture, until now no one can explain how the development and history of this Borobudur temple. Already many scientists from all over the world are coming but none of them managed to reveal the mystery of Borobudur development. One of the first questions that made the researchers curious was where the large stones of the Borobudur temple came from and how to set it up with precision and very neat architecture. There is an estimate that the stone came from Mount Merapi but how to take it from Mount Merapi to the location of the temple because it is located on the hill. 

Borobudur temple has 72 magical bell-shaped stupas, the largest Stupa is located at the top of the temple while the other surrounds the stufa. When scientists draw a schematic of Borobudur temple, they find a strange pattern that leads to Borobudur function like the sun, the needle is a big shadow of the stupa and falls right in the stupa on the lower floor but it is not yet known exactly how the division of time is done. By using Borobudur temple there is said the clock at Borobudur Temple shows signs of when the time of cultivation or harvest. 

The Sailendra dynasty built the largest Buddhist relic in the world between 780-840 AD The Sailendra dynasty was the ruling dynasty of the time. This relic was built as a place of worship of the Buddha and the place of pilgrimage. This place contains a guide for people to abstain from the lust of the world and the enlightenment and wisdom of the Buddha. This legacy was discovered by British troops in 1814 under Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles. The temple area was cleared in 1835. Borobudur is built in a Mandala style that reflects the universe in Buddhist belief.

The structure of this building is box-shaped with four entrances and a circular center point. When viewed from the outside into the division into two parts of the natural world that is divided into three zones on the outside, and the nature of Nirvana in the middle. Location of Borobudur Temple Borobudur Temple is located in Muntilan District, Magelang, Central Java. This temple was built on a hill and surrounded by hills stretching from east to west.

Mount Merapi and Merbabu lie to the east, and Mount Sumbing and Sindoro lie to the west. Borobudur Temple consists of ten levels that can be divided into several parts. The parts of this temple symbolize the level that human must go through to nirvana (heaven). Borobudur temple building is a giant stupa-shaped building. The building consists of five square terraces and four round terraces, with the main stupa at its peak. The specialty of this building is its wall full of carved carvings depicting the history of Buddhism and people's lives.

Borobudur Temple Ticket Price:
A. General (Age 6 Years per Person)  Domestic / Nusantara Tourist Borobudur Temple: Rp. 30.000, - Prambanan Temple: Rp. 30.000, - Ratu Boko: Rp. 25. 000, -

B. Children (Age below 6 Th.) & Student / Student Groups Borobudur Temple: Rp. 12. 500, - Prambanan Temple: Rp. 12. 500, - Ratu Boko: Rp. 10. 000, -

C. Ticket Price Borobudur Foreign Temple / Travelers Abroad Borobudur Temple: USD 20 Prambanan Temple: USD 18 Queen Boko: USD 13