Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This beach is addressed in Ngasem village, Tepus Gunungkidul village Special Region Yogyakatya, from yogyakarta city about 60s Km. Indrayanti beach is located to the East of Kukup Beach, Sundak Beach and boundedthis coral reef is one of the beaches that presents different views than the other beaches that exist in Gunungkidul. Not only the beauty of white sand,  dunes – coral hills, clear blue water and that seems to be calling out to us to dabble into it, Indrayanti Beach also features a restaurant – restaurant and cafe as well as a variety of lodgings that will spoil travelers to vacation at the weekend. Many are not there in Gunungkudul area there are many tourist attractions are very beautiful and comfortable.

In the previous circumstances used Gunungkidul area is always pointed by many people in Indonesia is a barren and difficult to clean air. Currently in Gunungkidul there are many famous tourist attractions are beautiful, comfortable and cool. This beach is very worth your visit and have fun happy to loose fatigue from daily work activity. This beach is said to be called Pantai Pulang Syawal, why it is now called Indrayanti beach, Great story actually resulted in a restaurant or dining place called indrayanti, and this restaurant is said to be very crowded visitors to people who come from outside the region with the name of Indrayanti beach.

Loneliness with the name Pulang Syawal Beach, the characteristic of this beach is known and popularly popularized by the name of Indrayanti Beach. The beauty of this beach apart from the clean beach air, the coral reefs around the beautiful beaches, white sand, on this beach is very clean because apart from the private sector also participate actively participate and take part in the management of this indrayanti beach. For those who come from remote areas do not worry here already many good restaurants and lodgings and all facing towards the beach, can be on vacation filled with beautiful and exotic natural beauty.

The tariff that is provided is various and very economical and affordable. If you like adventure and enjoy long nights This beach is very beautiful and exotic look at night, with the Gazebo’s lined along the beach and in decoration sparkling lights flickering light breeze and the sound of the waves add to the room ready for romance if only with your spouse Entrance fee to indrayanti beach is very cheap that is only about IDR10000. Be careful of your heart if you want garbage carelessly there, you will be fined IDR10000 to pay if you keep litter in there arbitrarily.