Lake Maninjau West Sumatra, Indonesia

Maninjau Lake in West Sumatra is one of the most stunning lakes in Indonesia. This volcanic lake is located approximately 461 meters above sea level. With a size of approximately 100 square meters with a maximum depth of 500 meters, this lake has a related legend.

Based on the legend in the Minang realm of "Bujang Sembilan", one of them died by throwing himself into the crater. This crater then enlarges and later formed the lake here.

Lake Maninjau has a five-star resort located on a hilltop. With a pleasant and soothing view, staying in the Maninjau area will be a memorable experience.

The village of Maninjau is situated beside the lake. Buya HAMKA, one of the famous writers in Indonesia, was born here. HAMKA wrote a book entitled The Van Der Wijk's Phenomenal Ship's Drowning. Another famous figure who was born here is Rangkayo Rasuna Said, one of the national heroes in Indonesia. The woman's name is immortalized as one of the protocol roads in Jakarta.

How to Achieve this Area
Located 35 kilometers from the city of Bukittinggi, you can rent a car to reach the Lake Maninjau area. Public transport is also widely available.

Places to stay
Various lodgings or hotels in Bukittinggi area. You can also stay at Maninjau Lake Resort.

Get around
By using a car or public transport, you can enjoy spectacular views.

Where to Eat
You can satisfy hunger and thirst in nearby restaurants, or can also be in the area of hotel or inn. West Sumatra food is famous spicy, so clever pick.

Songket, or various products made from typical West Sumatra songket (in the form of sandals, shoes, bags, coins, etc.), as well as other unique trinkets available. You can also buy souvenirs in the form of West Sumatra typical dry food such as spicy cassava chips.

What You Can See Or Do
In addition to admiring the scenery, you can recreate on the lake, although the facilities are limited. Unfortunately, because in this area of minimal clothing / tight swimming is considered less polite, then for those who want to swim cannot do it in Lake Maninjau. You can swim in the resort or various hotels that provide swimming pool facilities. In the Maninjau resort, you can also visit the fitness center and jogging tracks available.

Respect the locals. Dress casually but politely. To enjoy Lake Maninjau completely, stay at Maninjau Lake Resort.