Lake Singkarak West Sumatra, Indonesia

In the history lesson mentioned that the archipelago of Indonesia is beautiful nature is like a string of precious emerald gems very expensive. 
Beauty or mini-style beauty has been recognized by many people, tourists, who come from overseas.

One of the pieces of this beautiful gem is called "Minangkabau nature" or "West Sumatra Province". It is true that the natural region of West Sumatra is famously beautiful. People who fly over the surface of this province will be busy aiming their digital cameras to record the beautiful lakes of this region: Singkarak, Maninjau, Diateh Lake and Below Lake (twin lakes).

Then they will also admire the beautiful nature of the mountains with the hills and mountains towering in cool blue. The rivers are scattered from the foot of the mountains, flowing winding with its swift waters are able to arouse the lust of the lovers of nature to conquer their rafting. Coupled with rice fields and fields with green to yellow color like a sea of gold from the foot of the hill to the side of the road. It is beautiful and beyond the beauty of the tapestries made in Persian country though. People who come from outside West Sumatra and foreign tourists all recognize this Minangkabau natural beauty.  No need to ask directly, but as evidence, we can see that every time a holiday comes then this area is visited by many people come to visit.

Especially after the transportation infrastructure to be good and smooth then we will find that many highways by car and motorcycle rows of various brands with a variety of police numbers. Why did they come? Of course one of the reasons is to blend with nature and feel how fresh therapy is given by nature's aroma to their mental health and psycho-social health.

Then when we go down and walk, then we will feel and get that every step from the surface of the earth that we step on is like being at a tourist attraction. While everyone can spoil his eyes, heart, mind, and stomach by looking for natural attractions, spiritual tourism, educational tours, tourism tastes, to the cultural tourism. In Payakumbuh, there are the Harau Valley and its ducks, in Tanah Datar there are the ancient relic and banana salanan, in Bukitinggi there is a panorama and a zoo, in Padang there are educational centers, plazas and beaches, and others. Then in other places, there are facilities and a typical tourist attraction as well.

Minangkabau or the area of West Sumatra, the area is amazing, there are many people who come over and over because they feel already in love with this area. We can make a parable or parable of the province of West Sumatra is like a large building magnificent. The forests are the park of West Sumatra, the university and the school are the libraries. Hotels, guesthouses, and homestays as family rooms, lakes and the sea as a veranda. Or anyone could have made a parable according to their version as well. Every time the fasting month passes, then comes the day Lebaran pleasant and happy everyone. Everyone shares happiness and joy with relatives, relatives, and friends. One of the forms of excitement that they reveal by way of plesiran or go to a recreation place together.

They may go to Kelok Sembilan area in Lima Puluh Kota District, see a coal mine and bathe in water boom in Sawahlunto or go to Carocok Beach in Painan. Of course, there is also a choose a sensational place to release the tension of the soul and relieve emotion empathy and sympathy with family and friends by visiting the twin lakes (lake Diateh and lake below), Lake Maninjau and Lake Singkarak. Lake Singkarak is one of the popular lakes on the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia and could be also popular in the world. The lake is popular because many people say that Lake Singkarak is so beautiful in nature.

But once there are people who want to stop by the lake, why suddenly there are cancel their visit there. The reason is that their eyes feel stinging at the rubbish that really already contaminate the beauty of this lake. They can no longer distinguish between what the flowers grow on the edge of the lake and which ones are garbage. The volume of garbage scattered on the earth Singkarak number already millions to billions of keping.Kemudian many people who chatter and say "Lake Singkarak a garbage dump or a place of recreation?" Such chatter must have been spoken by many passersby around the edge of the lake. They could be West Sumatra people themselves, or people from outside West Sumatra. Foreign tourists will certainly me