Maria Cave Semarang, Indonesia

This Catholic pilgrimage site is located in the city of Ambarawa, a strategic city connecting Semarang and Yogyakarta. Perhaps that is why this cave is so well known not only to the people of the Archdiocese of Semarang, but also to Catholics throughout the country. In fact, often encountered, not only Catholics who feel comfortable praying in this place, many other brothers and sisters also pray to pray in this place.

About its history, although I live in Tuntang, which in fact is not too far from this Cave, I do not know much. To my knowledge,

it has been a long time since this cave became the destination of many pilgrims. It's been a long time too, in every second week held Novena followed by Mass. Believers believe that by following this novena in this cave without ever breaking up, Mary will always accompany and pray for us to her Son Jesus Lord.

No wonder, if every second week, the Cave of Mary is certainly crowded by thousands of people who want to jointly praise the Lord and ask for assistance from the Virgin Mary. When I was still active in Mudika Santo Pius X Karanganayar, I was with friends in Mudika several times singing for fundraising activities Mudika. The result is quite good, we can collect money about - 500 thousand rupiahs once singer street. That is why, every Novena is held in the second week of the month, many categorical and Catholic jurisdictions are involved here. Often also found young men from Protestant churches are looking for funds in this place. Since the opening of the prayer park by Rm. Bishop Mgr. Ign.

Suharyo, this place is so much more beautiful, especially when it's night time, it's beautiful ...... ..Now also has built a place for Eternal Adoration Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in this cave. Personally, this Mary Cave has so much role in my life. Important moments in my life, such as the exams from elementary school to college, I always bring in prayer in this place. The struggle to get the love I feel falling awake in this place. The relationship that I cultivate so far also can not be separated from the beautiful memories engraved neatly in this place. Last time, if you visit this Cave do not forget to taste the meatballs kerep. Delicious ....... Hopefully more and more people will find it helpful to pray in this place. Amen.