Mount Lawu Indonesia

Mount Lawu, Java Island is known as one of the provinces surrounded by active mountains and inactive mountains. For example Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Slamet, Mount Agung, Mount Lawu, and many others. But among the various mountains that have been mentioned, there is a name of a very famous mountain and many users as one of the tourist destinations and climbing the travelers. 

The mountain is named for Mount Lawu.
Perhaps for some readers, especially those who really like the activities of traveling and climbing is no stranger to the name of this one mountain. On this occasion, the tourist tabloid will discuss what things are interesting from Mount Lawu and also will discuss the various kinds of mysteries contained in it. Mount Lawu has become one of the most famous mountains especially among travelers and lovers of mountain climbing enthusiasts. This mountain is one type of mountain that is no longer active. This mountain last erupted in about 85s precisely on October 28, 1985, which resulted from the eruption caused ash rain around the province region of Central Java and East Java. But due to the rest of the results of these letters, making this region becomes very fertile and create a variety of objects of natural tourist destinations are very interesting. 

Where is Mount Lawu
Mount Lawu is located in Central Java province precisely in Karanganyar Regency about 1 hour from the direction of Solo (Surakarta). The mountain is located on the border of three districts at once namely Karanganyar (Central Java), Ngawi (East Java), and Magetan (East Java). Although already inactive status, this mountain peak still has a small crater that still removes water vapor (Funaro) and sulfur (Solfatara). The composition of Mount Lawu has three peaks of Hargo Dalem Peak, Hargo Dumillah Peak, and the highest peak of this mountain is named Peak Hargo Dumilah. In addition, this mountain area also has some famous forests namely Dipterocarp Forest Hill, Upper Deckeropkap Forest, Montane Forest, and Ericaceous 

Forest. Mount Lawu climbing path 

If you want to climb to Mount Lawu this is the climbing route of Mount Lawu, namely:

  1. The first ascent you have to start from Cemoro Sewu. In this place, you will pass two springs ie Panguripan and Sendang Drajad which is located at the post 1. The path you should pass is better when compared to passing Cemoro Cage.
  2. Post 2 you will pass a big rock called watu iris and you will, past the building of the mosque which turned out to be a tomb.
  3. In post 3 to post 4, there is a staircase stone natural stone but the track is very challenging.
  4. In post 4 to 5, you will pass a good road and can take shelter here.
  5. A few kilometers later you can reach the top of Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu Peak Mount Lawu has three peaks, Hargo Dumillah Peak Hargo Dalem, and Hargo Dumilah. The peak of Hargo dumillah is the highest peak with a height of about 3. 265 mdpl.

Interesting facts about Mount Lawu that need to be known

Basically, the area of Mount Lawu is one type is one type of mountainous area that has a variety of uniqueness and exotic when compared with the type of mountains found in Java. In addition, this mountain also has a variety of interesting facts that are very must you know, namely:

  1. Mount Lawu is located in the border area between Central Java Province and East Java Province. On the slope of the mountain, there is a connecting highway between two provinces of Plaosan Subdistrict (Magetan Regency East Java) and Karanganyar Subdistrict (Central Java Province) Although located on the slopes of the mountain, this road is crowded. People call it the Road Translucent. In addition to the road is surrounded by scenic cliffs and there are also a variety of interesting tourist destinations.
  2. In the Lawu area there are various natural tourist destinations that are very interesting, for example Cemoro Sewu, Tawangmangu, Telogo Sarangan, Temple Compound of Majapahit Kingdom (Candi Sukuh and Cetho Temple), vast tea plantation, Balekambang park, Sekipan Hills, cemetery (Astana Giriloyu and Astana Mangadheg) where among the cemetery complex there is a family funeral complex of president no 2 Indonesia Suharto named Astana Giribangun.
  3. Lawu Mountain became one of the oldest ancient mountains on the island of Java and this mountain was crowned as Seven Summits of Java (seven peaks in Java) which in ancient times was called Wukir Mahendra.
  4. Inside Lawu Mountain is still found a variety of species of animals that are jumbo-sized and also still can be found various kinds of rare plants. In addition, in the mountain area is also recorded traces of humans who hip in ancient times with many found various kinds of ancient human fossils in antiquity.
  5. lawu is known to be the very exotic place to enjoy the red sunset.
  6. Above the climbing peak of Mount Lawu, there is a sendang named Sendang Drajad which is supposedly when washed to face will facilitate the soul mate and sustenance.
  7. Mount Lawu became one of the favorite climbing places for climbers. In addition, this mountain has an official climbing route that is Cemoro Kandang and Cemoro Sewu.
  8. When you climb this mountain you will be able to find the highest stall on the island of Java which is the Mbok Yem stall which is located at the V post in the climbing lane of Lawu Mountain.

The mystery of Mount Lawu you should know It can not be denied again that the mountain lawu store various kinds of myths and mysteries. Many people regard Lawu mountain as one of the doors to the unseen world (the occult gate). In addition, many strange events experienced by most of the climbers. This is evidenced by the number of climbers who lost or died while climbing to this mountain. Here is the mystery of mount lawu you should know, namely:

  1. You will pass a temple which is considered to be one of the mysterious points where the entrance to the gates of the occult kingdom.
  2. Along the way there are artificial pocong - pocong hung above the tree because this place is justice as a place to find pesugihan.
  3. Several times there is often an octagonal light known as the occult light.
  4. The existence of a story about the lost village until now has not been detected in the only remaining course his inheritance.
  5. The existence of yellow lake and Slayur Case although it is not active still emit a strong sulfur smell
  6. Mount Lawu has a very difficult climbing track so it is not suitable for beginners.
  7. Another interesting fact is Mount Lawu where this mountain contains many myths and mysteries