Nglambor Beach Yogyakarta Indonesia

Talking about coastal tourism in Jogja? There are so many beaches in Challenging that you can visit for vacation and recreation. One of them is the beach Nglambor Gunungkidul.

Nglambor beaches beach which is quite
unique in view of its geographical location. This beach in a squeeze by two bays at the same time and in the midst of the Gulf there is a large coral rock blocking the torrential sea water towards the shore. Location of Nglambor Beach is located the area of Purwodadi Subdistrict, Regency of Gunung Kidul. Quite far indeed from the city center, which is nearly 80 Km or 2 hours drive to use private vehicles. But the distance is not an obstacle for true travelers like you isn't it? Because all of it will be paid off in full plus bonus when you've got the beach Nglambor.

What is interesting from the beach Nglambor Jogja?
Before heading for the shore Nglambor Beach, you are going downhill with the texture of a rock reef which is pretty slick. These hills are often in place to camp or event photography to get a view of interesting views and get an incredible Beach background. Towards the beach you will be served by view 2 Bay giant envelop this Nglambor Beach, in addition, there is also a large coral rock blocking the new seawater directly to the beach.

The beach is suitable for you who love to play the water on the beach with safe enough and also convenient because of water on the beach is very clear water. In addition to playing the tour manager, water also provides rental facilities at a very affordable price snorkel, this facility is complete with rubber boots, masks, snorkels, vests and 3 photos underwater well for 2 – 5 persons in the area pretty superficial, in addition to the on-site amenities also include a hot tea, a Muslim prayer room, dressing as well as luggage. His price was only Rp. 50,000 to all the facilities the snorkel. Very cheap right? You are interested to try it? Not only domestic tourists from other cities but also foreign tourists admiring the coast of Nglambor, so it is not uncommon if you find foreign tourists who also visit this beach. Some foreign tourists frequently visit this beach are the foreigners who come from the country of France, the Netherlands, Singapore, and other European countries.

Snorkeling Are
Speaking tour Snorkeling in Yogyakarta, then the beach Nglambor beach is one of the first to offer Snorkeling Trips on the coast of Gunungkidul. Snorkel Nglambor Beach has to offer is not play snorkel in the depths of the sea, but you can still delight and happily see sea coral and fish of the sea. In addition, you can take pictures – photos ria while moving in the water.

Access Road To Nglambor Beach Yogyakarta
Your domestic tourists who want to visit the beach of Nglambor, you should use a route to start from Jalan Malioboro, which leads towards the Southeast and proceeded to use the national road for easy not too much bend leading into the area Siung beach. Mileage goes to siung Beach 73 Km range that can be traveled with a journey time of about 2 Hours from the city center. After to go to Siung beach you will again travel to the Southwest for about 1 Km, then you will find the entrance to the beach Nglambor. Full Address: The Village Of Purwodadi, Babbler, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. We recommend using a personal vehicle to go to these sights, or you are not using personally don't be discouraged there is still the vehicle rental services is certainly not his elaborate and just have a simple requirement.

The Price Of The Entrance Ticket To The Beach Nglambor
The entrance ticket to the beach you only charge Rp 5,000 which included parking. Vehicle Snorkel Rp. 50,000 Hours open 24 hours and are open every day. Not recommended comes at night, because the streets leading to the beach quite dark and very slick, use slippers not slippery so that things do not happen – things that are not in want. Nglambor beach is close enough proximity to a small island called the island Watupanjang, and Watupayung a small island yet know definitively whether these beaches can be visited or not. Interested to try it? That was definitely fun. Invite families and relatives to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.