Nine Level Waterfall (Air Terjun Sembilan Tingkat)

Nine Level Waterfall or also often referred to as Cughub Sembilan. This waterfall is named because the water flow is cascaded to form nine levels. Here the water flowing from above does not fall straight but flows to form levels. The water that flows from the top of the hill passes through the twists and turns of the green vegetation, creating a truly enchanting scene. Interestingly again these levels also form a small waterfall that looks very beautiful.

If lucky (sunny weather) is often presented a unique view of rainbow bias formed from water vapor that flows from the waterfall. This uniqueness makes the Waterfall Sembilan Level as one of the mainstays of the tourism sector of North Bengkulu Regency.

Located in Marga Sakti Village, Padang Jaya District, North Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu Province.

Located about 100 km to the north of Fatmawati Airport, Bengkulu. Can be reached by driving through the Mount Selan or Argamakmur, the capital of North Bengkulu Regency. The last stop in the capital of Padang Jaya district. From Padang Jaya followed by the walk to the last village. However, it is currently being built highways that can be traversed by cars and other four-wheeled vehicles to the last village (September 2008).

The condition of track or trajectory to this tourist attraction categorized as extreme with the terrain to be passed quite heavy, through the hills and protected forests with bushy plants. It is recommended to prepare the physical condition well.

Accommodation and Facilities
For those who have never visited this place is available to guide services that are ready to deliver visitors to the location of the waterfall.