Oehala Waterfall,Soe,West Timor, East Nusa Tenggara

Oehala Waterfall, Soe, West Timor, East Nusa Tenggara - Not far from the city of SoE, Oehala waterfall offers a promising atmosphere to unwind and enjoy the freshness of nature is still beautiful. The cold waterfalls and the beautiful view of the waterfall seem to contrast from the famous Timor island air, especially in October like this.

The village of Oehala, the village where the waterfall is located about 13 km from the city of SoE (1o km from the main road plus 3 km go inside).

As one of the mainstay tours of South Central Timor District, Oehala waterfalls include not getting adequate attention from the local government. The road to get there includes somewhat difficult passable private vehicles, some segment roads plus entrance into the asphalt has a lot of perforations to increase the length of travel.

But just calm down to get there, we will be greeted by panoramic waterfalls are quite charming both for bathing, to look at and do not forget to immortalize. For that do not forget to bring the camera if you go to the waterfall Oehala.
After arriving at the tourist attractions, I was greeted with stairs from cement down about 40 stairs. Once the ladder is exhausted then a clear flow of water flowing in white stones with green accents (not moss) greeting.

From here I can see the stairs that continue to decline, as well as several levels of waterfall directly ambushed the eye. There are at least 7 great levels of waterfalls, it does include some small chicks.

The steps of this waterfall give its own uniqueness as if asking us to choose the level that most tempt us to bathe.
Some lopos have also been built for our means of resting, though by then all I see lopo-lopo is no longer roofed. Keep going down because some waterfall levels are still waiting for our eyes to devour them.

Once the feet are dipped in water, fresh water seems to fill our energy, very fresh. It seems incomplete if we do not soak our bodies. The water flow in Oehala waterfall is quite heavy, maybe some we can use for water massage therapy (Come On who will start ...)

For those who like photos, we recommend you wait for up to 16.00. It was the best time to get panoramas without disturbing the heat of the sun through the pretty leafy leaves. Prepare a tripod or handheld if our hands are strong because shade leaves will certainly make our camera a bit slower shutter speed.

Well, this time back is the problem. The steep ladder seems to suck up all our energy so that up until we feel tired. For that, we need lunchtime under, because there is no food seller at all here.