Sepanjang Beach Yogyakarta Indonesia

Gunungkidul Yogyakarta is also one of the beaches in the Gunungkidul and adjacent to each other with the other beaches which are not too far away. At first glance, this beach stretches with long beautiful sand and not too far from the main road to get to this beach. The location of the beaches there are in the region of Tanjungsari subdistrict, Wonosari, Gunungkidul, DIY.

This beach adjoins the Kukup Beach, Sanglen Beach, Watu frog and Drini. It is only in the range 1 – 8 Km from other beaches. These beaches are often associated with Kuta Beach in Bali, and the surrounding communities often refer to it as the old Kuta Beach projects in Yogyakarta. Because of the atmosphere at the beach as long as it does on the beach Kuta Bali which is famous for it.

The white sand that extends, with waves not so great This beach has waves that are not too large, while pairs of this invisible coast has Rocky reef which lies on the edge of the beach, but if the water waves were receding then you will see the beauty of the pristine coral rocks and also water the sea is blue, it indicates if it has not been much touchable and very clean free from garbage.

Long beach hut – huts provide itself with a roof using dried leaves to relax enjoying the beauty of the beach. Still, a great many animals marine life that you can find here the marine animals such as sea stars, small fish, sea urchins, and clams, then no wonder it's often taking advantage of the community around grass looking for hunting seafood, shellfish, fish, starfish and much more.

The natural state of the beaches along the coast makes getting into when in the afternoon, you can enjoy the elegant atmosphere of the sunset on the beach huts by sitting in this place of rest. It is suitable for your tiredness activities a day – day and reduces stress with the hectic activity. See the sunset on the beach in awe of this will make you feel like back in the time of the coming holidays, are interested in trying it? If you do selfie or photos with friends-friends, you'll get the background with beach sand. So will embellish your photos. Yeah ... for this photo, we recommend you avoid photographing sunlight. The good will be even longer if you are facing the Sun.

Access To The "Sepanjang" Beach 
Location of beach along quite far from the city center, approximately 65 Km with a journey time of approximately 1 Hour 30 minutes if the State is not jammed. From the city center using the roadway West of Imogiri – forwarded towards the street "Siluk Bake" continues straight to the West – to fixed to the South coast of Java, if you've come across the South coast of Java, we recommend that you ask the local community in order not to get lost U can use your own vehicle to make it more simple and also free, but don't worry if you are on a vacation to the city of Yogyakarta is not using a private vehicle. Here you can use the services of a motorbike rental or car rental services.

Facilities Of "Sepanjang Beach"
Facilities available on the beach complete enough such facilities located at other beaches, such as the Toilet, spacious parking area, a restaurant, and a Brasserie provide Jogja cuisine, Seafood, Western food etc, to place lodging such as hotels.

The Entrance Ticket To The Beach 
The price of admission in the same long beach with beach entrance in GunungkidulTPR  (place a levy on Ballot) = IDR 10,000/PaxCar Parking is IDR 5,000 Motorcycle parking is IDR 2,000. Are you interested in visiting a tourist spot along the shore of Gunungkidul Yogyakarta? We recommend you come in the evening to enjoy the natural beauty of this beach