Sunyaragi Cave Cirebon, Indonesia

Sunyaragi is the name of a unique Indonesian Cultural Heritage. Sunyaragi is located in the village of Sunyaragi, Kesambi, Cirebon city where there is a temple-like structure called Sunyaragi Cave, or Sunyaragi Water Garden, or often called a Tamansari Sunyaragi. The name "Sunyaragi" comes from the word "sunya" which means it is deserted and "yeast" which means body, both of which are Sanskrit. The main purpose of the establishment of the cave is as a place to rest and meditate the Sultan of Cirebon and his family.

Sunyaragi Cave is one of the cultural heritage objects located in the city of Cirebon with an area of ​​about 15 hectares. This cultural heritage object is located by the pass by Brig Gen Dharsono, Cirebon. Construction and composition of the building site is a water park. Therefore Sunyaragi Cave is called the Sunyaragi cave water park. In ancient times the cave complex is surrounded by a lake that is Lake Jati. The location where there used to be Lake Jati is now dried up and passed by the pass by Brigadier Dharsono, Situngkul river, the location of Gas Power Plant, Sunyaragi owned by PLN, rice field and become residential area. Also in the cave there are many artificial waterfalls as trimmers, and garden decorations such as elephants, statues of women Sunti Virgin, and Statue of Garuda.

Sunyaragi Cave is one part of the palace Pakungwati now named keraton Kasepuhan. Painting artist about the Sunyaragi cave Sunyaragi Castle complex is divided into two parts, namely pesanggrahan and cave buildings. The guest house is equipped with a porch, bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, prayer room and surrounded by a garden complete with pool. The cave-shaped buildings are mountain-mountains, with underground connecting tunnels and aqueducts. The outside of the complex I am rock-shaped and cloud-shaped.

The outer gate is a temple-shaped temple and the inside door is shaped like a gun. Parent of the entire cave named Cave Peteng (Dark Cave) used for meditation. In addition there Pande Cave Packaging which is specifically used for workshop making weapons as well as storage place. Supplies and food soldiers stored in Pawon Cave. Cave Guards who are at the bottom for the vigil guard. When the Sultan accepts subordinates for consensus, Jinem Ward is used, but when the Sultan rests in Mande Beling. Medium Cave Padang Ati (Bright Heart), special place of imprisoned the Sultan.